About PBPhonics

PBPhonics offers basic phonics practice. Select a phoneme, and it will show how to speak and sound out words containing that phoneme. Start with the phonemes in the row s a t i p n and work down.

The later rows include "sight words" that are not phonetic but are important to know. Select these with the star (*) in each row.

There are a total of 619 words to hear.

PBPhonics is also available as two apps for iPad and iPhone, and iPod touch. The app offers additional recording and testing options.

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Pam Marlow

Jan Horton

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Michael Horton

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Pam Marlow

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PBPhonics was conceived and designed by Pam Marlow of Adelaide, South Australia. Pam died before the completion of the project. PBPhonics is dedicated to her vision and compassion, especially for adults trying to learn a new language in a strange land.

Phoneme groups based on Jolly Phonics


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Cannot Play Speech

PBPhonics needs to speak to you. But your cannot browser cannot play the sounds. Sorry.

PBPhonics requires a browser that can play either MP3 or Ogg Vorvis files.

Browsers that can do this include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.