StepScape Privacy

Is my location sent anywhere?

Your location may be shared with Mapbox, the makers of the map library used in StepScape. This will only happen if you go into Show My Location and

  1. Switch on Send Locations to Mapbox, and
  2. Switch on Show My Location on the Map.

For more information about what Mapbox does with the locations it receives, see Mapbox Location Telemetry.

Are my opinions sent anywhere?

Your opinions are only shared with other devices you personally use, via iCloud. You may switch this off under My Opinions.

Are my corrections and feedback sent anywhere?

Your corrections and feedback are stored on the Cowirrie server in Australia, and only read by Cowirrie. If a correction is due to an error in a reference publication, we may anonymise your correction and send it to them. Your contact e-mail address is never shared with anyone.