PBPhonics provides adult learners of English with phonics practice. It is designed for people with little or no basic literacy, and does not rely on any spoken or written instructions. Older children and teenagers with literacy issues have also responded well to PBPhonics, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Multiple voices say the words for variety. PBPhonics grew up in Australia and has an accent to match.

PBPhonics 1 to 3

PBPhonics 1 to 3 contains 18 phonemes in 3 sets (SATIPN, CKEHRMD and GOULFB). It shows how to build 278 words out of these phonemes.

PBPhonics 1 to 3 is free.
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PBPhonics 1 to 7

PBPhonics 1 to 7 contains 42 phonemes in 7 sets (SATIPN, CKEHRMD, GOULFB, AIJOAIEEEOR, ZWNGVooOO and YXCHSHthTH). It shows how to build 619 words out of these phonemes.

PBPhonics 1 to 7 is paid.
View PBPhonics 1 to 7 on the App Store

Custom Sounds

The sounds in PBPhonics are the clearest we could record, but teachers may find that it doesn't match your technique. If so, it is possible to replace the sounds with your own recordings.

Customise PBPhonics


Download PBPhonics Information Sheet (0.3 MB PDF)